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Strategy and Financial Product Development

Sustainable investment can be complicated especially as the global markets become more sophisticated demanding greener investments and little tolerance for greenwash -- unlawful and misleading or status quo programs not improving public health and environment. 


From where to start, to commercializing activities and products -- CMP can help by measuring added value and ensuring market credibility and acceptance.



For over 30 years, CMP leaders have created Wall Street environmental standards including facilitating the development and growth of the commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) market through the Phase 1 and Property Condition assessment standards required for all CMBS bonds.


The following documents were developed to faciltate sustainable investment commercialization:

Green Property Bonds

Green Appraisal

  • Model Green Building & Home Valuation Scopes of Service - Appraisal Institute / CMP

Green Underwriting

  • Summary - Green Home & Building Underwriting Standards / Green Value Score

  • Summary - Sustainable Manufacturing Underwriting Standard / Green Value Score

  • Harper Court LEED ND Green Value Score (released at LEED ND Finance Summit)

  • Integrative Process (IP) part of Underwriting Standards, saved $2M in construction costs and reduced risk for $42M City of Chicago LEED Building, and financial institutions at Boston Fed Underwriting Standards National Public Meeting indicated that IP should be a condition of financing.  Fireman's Fund issued the IP Risk Reduction Statement.


CMP Partners are leading investors, investment banks, rating agencies, insurers, governments, ENGOs, associations, and professional firms as a balanced coalition.

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