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SMaRT Certified

Gina McCarthy, former EPA Administrator, First White House Climate Advisor & Current Advisor to TPG, $222 Billion Venture Capital Firm

Gina emphasized her top priority is globally reducing fossil fuel demand providing economic benefits, which is exactly what Green IPOs do, and that “private capital is going to be the driver of this change.” 

Key Nature of Green IPOs & SMaRT

  • Consensus Standards. Green IPO Underwriting Standard and SMaRT underwent five national consensus votes of approval in an American National Standards Institute Accredited Process.

  • Underwriting standard Achieves SEC and rating agency prerequisites for (1) consensus preventing due process, antitrust and restraint of trade liability, and (2) non-proprietary nature, fully transparent not controlled through private for profit exclusive licenses and trademarks.

  • Underwriting standard uniquely measures increased cashflow from sustainability over any company’s global supply chain.

  • SMaRT / Green IPO consensus attributes increasing cash flow include (1) company and products' zero carbon pollution reducing operating and compliance costs & liability risk, (2) onsite wind & solar reducing operating costs, (3) toxicity avoidance & reduction

  • Statistically, 84% of consumers / product purchasers avoid companies with toxicity impacts (What Shoppers Want: Safe & Healthy Products) (Made Safe 2017 statistical survey of 1,626 respondents). 

  • Key SMaRT Green IPO Prerequisites as shown on Regulatory Scheme, include (1) FSC Certified Wood, (2) Carcinogen Policy banning 200 International Agency for Research on Cancer carcinogens, mutagens & teratogens, & 300 EPA listed Forever Chemicals, (3) reuse / circularity, (4) social equity indicators.

  • SMaRT & underwriting standard comply with California statutory / FTC truth in advertising Green Guides requiring non-toxic claims or disclaiming toxicity, and banning deceptive implied toxicity claims including material omission of toxicity (16 CFR §260.10), and provide credit for avoidance or reduction of 5,000 EPA listed chemicals, up 100%.

  • Underwriting standard prerequisite is 60% company carbon pollution reduction from 2020 baseline.

  • Underwriting standard includes credit for (1) Lacey Act Due Care Standard stopping global illegal logging, deforestation as per se illegal logging, and habitat destruction, & (2) electric vehicles.

  • SMaRT is incorporated in RELi 3.0 national consensus resilience underwriting standard, and RELi identifies 65 resilience attributes increasing bond cashflow.

  • SMaRT & underwriting standard require company legally-binding certification to FTC / California truth in advertising Green Guides that the information provided is accurate, not misleading, and qualified professionals are used.  

SMaRT Certified Downloads

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