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Transforming Markets

Investors with over $70 trillion in assets want to purchase green, sustainable, and climate resilient bonds and stocks including green property bonds and green initial public offerings (IPOs). 

(Green Bond & Stock Business Case released at NYSE)

Consensus Green Property and Green Stock / IPO Underwriting Standards

  • Achieved higher credit ratings

  • Measure added green bond and stock cash flow

  • Achieve green financing requirements of Securities Exchange Commission, credit rating agencies, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and Federal Trade Commission including greatly reduced antitrust and restraint of trade risk by due process participation of interested and affected parties

  • Cover all economic activity across the global supply chain

  • Are based on Green Bond & Stock Business Case released at NYSE, documenting statistically that sustainable investment is more profitable, less risky, and preferred by investors with over $70 trillion in assets.

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